Home-Style Flavor Made Easy Just in Time For Easter

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As a self proclaimed foodie, I love a good meal.

But there’s something about classic comfort food involving gravy that is just oh-so-satisfying. When I got a chance to try out the roasted gravy line from Pioneer, I was ready and willing!

Pioneer has a line of easy-to-prepare baking and gravy mixes and has been the leader in gravy since 1851.

They’re easy to use – just three simple steps to prepare. And with Pioneer being sold in major retailers, it’s an easy-to-find and inexpensive option for busy families.

Home-Style Flavor Made Easy with Pioneer Gravy Mixes || Albuquerque Mom Collective

Versatile, Home-Style Recipes

I’m a firm believer that some of the best memories come from sitting around the table eating food. If I can make my dishes easier to prepare, I have more time with the ones I love. That’s a win in my book!

The baking and gravy mixes can be used for a variety of recipes. They’re great as a sauce, in a side dish, or to add flavor to casseroles.

Brussels sprouts with apple cider gravy

Pioneer also has a site full of recipes to make it even easier for busy moms and dads!

We made the Brussels Sprouts with Cider Gravy this week. I substituted apple juice for the cider and added a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for a bit of acidity.

The gravy sauce was the perfect blend of savory with a hint of sweet. We eat roasted brussels sprouts all the time and loved the change the gravy added. It would be an ideal side dish for holidays like Easter. My sister suggested doubling the sauce and serving it with pork chops.

I also made their Instant Pot Creamy Chicken and Mushroom recipe and it was a hit!

Home-Style Flavor Made Easy with Pioneer Gravy Mixes || Albuquerque Mom CollectiveChicken breast and mushroom sauce was a family favorite in my house growing up. We would take cans of cream of mushroom soup and add milk to make a sauce. Then just pour it over breaded chicken, bake, and eat it over rice.

I made the recipe from the Pioneer website as a nod to my childhood favorite . . . with my own twist.

First, I used whole milk instead of heavy cream. Then I added a 15 ounce can of cream of mushroom soup to give us more sauce. This also helped thicken it up since I didn’t use cream.

My husband walked in the kitchen and immediately mentioned how good it smelled!

I like that the Pioneer’s Chicken Gravy Mix gives the dish a deep, rich flavor. The sauce keeps the chicken moist when cooking. And the sauteed mushrooms and onions just take it over the top.

woman cooking in kitchen

Some tips for using Pioneer mixes…

Heat activates the starches in the mix.

If your water isn’t hot enough, it will take longer for the gravy to thicken. Be sure your water is at a rolling boil before adding the mix in.

You can also avoid those dreaded lumps!

We’ve all experienced that frustration when a mix doesn’t quite smooth out. To avoid this, Pioneer recommends taking a half cup of water and whisking it with the gravy mix until completely incorporated.

When it’s time add the mixture to your boiling water. This will ensure you have a nice smooth gravy. Works like a charm!

Home-Style Flavor Made Easy with Pioneer Gravy Mixes || Albuquerque Mom Collective

The mixes are great for cooking with kids too.

If you’re like me and dread the mess when measuring out dry ingredients with kids, the mixes are a godsend. My daughter loved making some biscuits for breakfast one morning.

Pioneer also has a variety of pancake mixes for those lazy Saturday mornings.

If you’re looking for scratch-made taste without all the effort, Pioneer mixes are a perfect option!