How To Put Together a Care Package for Your Friends with COVID-19


Tuesday was just a normal day for us. We woke up feeling fine. Dropped our kids off at school and off to work we went. After school and work, we finished with our evening routine and put the kids to bed. Come 3:00am, our house was in full panic mode.

There were no signs leading up to our positive COVID test.

One day we weren’t sick, and the next we had every symptom. We went that morning to our local urgent care and stood in line to get tested. Although the results took a few days, we had already lost our taste and smell. We knew what the outcome would be.

For three days we could hardly get out of bed. Shortly after, our kids developed symptoms. We were not prepared to be quarantined in our home for two weeks. Thankfully we had recently stocked up on food, but the food wasn’t our biggest worry. We had just run out of Children’s Motrin and did not have any symptom relief type medicines at home. All of the items we tried to have delivered were out of stock and not available for delivery.

We were so fortunate to have several friends bring us a care package without hesitation and without us asking. There were a few items that were dropped off at our home that were lifesavers during our recovery.

COVID-19 Care Packages, ABQ Mom

Here are some goodies you can put in a care package for your friends or family who come down with COVID.

  1. Gatorade/Pedialite – This was a serious lifesaver after having high fevers for several days.
  2. Alka-Seltzer/Children’s Tylenol or Motrin – The Alka-Seltzer am and pm really helped with our cold-like symptoms. And the Children’s Tylenol helped keep the kiddos’ fevers down and ease their body aches.
  3. Soup – Although we couldn’t taste anything, the soup was a quick and warm meal.
  4. Tea – We drank at least two cups of warm tea a day to help with our sore throats.
  5. Cough Drops – We did have slight coughs and the cough drops helped to keep it under control.
  6. Games – Being stuck in a house for two weeks can make you a little stir crazy and tensed up. The games helped us to keep our minds off of feeling cooped up for so long.
  7. Popcorn & Candy – We watched a lot of movies… I mean A LOT.
  8. Blankets or Stuffies – The kids were so excited to pull out new cozy blankets and curl up on the couch.

Those were just a few things that really helped out our family. If you know someone that has tested positive or is in quarantine for being exposed, grab a few of these items and send a care package their way. You will be helping more than you know. Click here for more COVID tips and resources.