SuperMom’s Sidekick :: The Real Heroes in the Saga of the Broken Arm


As moms, there is nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of our family. That is why when my daughter broke her arm, I took her to Duke City Urgent Care.

It was an ordinary stay-at-home mom, rainy day in March. While attempting to vacuum the living room, my daughter was acting like a wild banshee (as she always did when I vacuumed). My impatience grew as she climbed up onto our couch. I sternly told her to “Get down now”! Miraculously, she listened and jumped! Her little body flew to the ground and she instantly began crying. As she sat up, I saw an all too familiar sight of a broken arm.

Unfortunately, my husband was at a conference giving a speech, so it was up to me! Enter SUPERMOM! I loaded up the kids, carefully, and was about to rush my daughter to the emergency room when I remembered Duke City Urgent Care!

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When we arrived at Duke City Urgent Care, they took us back to triage almost immediately, took an x-ray of my daughter’s arm, and had it splinted in no time! The medical team greeted my daughter with empathy and warmth. Our provider explained the next steps we needed to take to get her arm in a cast. She even made the appointment with the pediatric orthopedic for us. To top it off, they gave little Miss Daredevil a popsicle, which pretty much cured the arm in her mind.

When I look back on this day, I am proud of how I handled the crisis, but am grateful for my new friends at Duke City Urgent Care. Their dedicated medical staff saved the day (and my sanity) by helping us avoid the emergency room. We were seen promptly and received quality, compassionate care.

Besides doing x-rays, splinting, and fixing “boo-boos” with popsicles, they are also able to treat a variety of infections and illnesses; injuries like sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations; wound care for cuts, lacerations, abrasions, and bites; ears, eyes, and nose complaints; skin problems; abdominal pain and chest pain; worker’s compensation (initial visit); physicals for adults and kids; they also are able to perform ultrasound on site!

Duke City Urgent Care

Duke City Urgent Care is ranked as the “TOP RATED” urgent care (by Google), which is exemplified by their amazing team of friendly, compassionate, and experienced medical professionals. They treat people of all ages and are open 7 days a week at all 3 locations. They accept walk-ins and are now offering appointments.

When it comes to your family’s health, let Duke City Urgent Care be every supermom’s hero!

This post is sponsored by Duke City Urgent Care, but all of the writer's thoughts and opinions are her own.