5 Reasons To Try ABQ’s New CycleBar (Plus Enter To Win a Membership!)

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A quick Google search could give you plenty of information on why cardiovascular fitness is important: improved mood, sex, sleep. But if it’s not already part of your routine, getting started can feel impossible.

If you’re like me, there are many barriers to working out. New routines take effort. Cardio is hardio. Momming is exhausting enough. Costs are often high. The excuses are easy to find.


If you’re looking for your sign from above, here it is: CycleBar. It just might be the momming survival tool you never knew you needed.

Allow me to convince you why you need CycleBar in your life.

CycleBar Albuquerque
Image: www.cyclebar.com

1. CycleBar is great for all fitness levels.

Whether you worked out this morning or haven’t worked out in ten years, you can do indoor cycling. The great thing about CycleBar is that everything is provided for you, from premium amenities to complimentary shoe rentals to personalized CycleStats*!

For those of you who are less experienced with indoor cycling, this workout is great because there’s one machine to use. Unlike other boutique fitness studios, you don’t have to worry about facing the wrong direction or doing the wrong exercise. You have one thing to do (cycle) for your 45-minute ride!

For those of you who are more experienced, the class is scalable to your fitness level. Gear 11 too easy for you? Go up a gear or two. This workout is as hard as you make it to be! CycleBar also offers Performance rides** to test your competitive edge, using CycleStats and group challenges to enhance your riding experience.

So whether cycling scares the crap out of you, intrigues you, or is already your favorite pastime, you can get a killer workout.

2. Low impact. High intensity.

Whether you run all the time or can’t take the pounding on your joints, cycling is a great alternative to other forms of cardio because it’s low impact.

Cycling is also great for strengthening the muscles around your knees, which will make all you stronger for all your momming duties! As a mom of three littles, I spend enough time squatting and jumping and running in circles, so my knees need a break.

Even though it’s low impact, it’s high intensity! You get a great sweat, burn a boatload of calories, and it’s so fun—it’s like a dance party on a bike.

3. Lose yourself to the music.

Every CycleBar class jams to CycleBeats, which is their “proprietary playlist database bringing pedal-turning, heart-pumping, mood-elevating fun every single time you ride.”***

It’s like having a dance party with your kids, minus the kids. And minus repeating the same song for 45 minutes straight.

For the duration of the class, you can just tune into the music and let it take you away. For 45 minutes, you can just focus on you and your workout and leave everything else at the door.

4. Friendship & accountability.

Full disclosure: I love boutique fitness studios. I will 10/10 pick a pricier boutique fitness studio over a cheaper gym.

Why? Because of the community.

I have met some of my best friends through boutique fitness studios. Making friends as an adult is hard enough as it is, let alone making friends as a mom! Not only do I get some conversation in with people who can hold an intelligible conversation, it automatically gives me 5-10 minutes of “friend time” that fills my tank (and hopefully theirs) for the day when I get to work out next to my new workout buddies.

There is an added level of accountability with boutique fitness studios, too. Faces become familiar more quickly, your CycleStars (instructors) get to know you and motivate you personally, and there are fun studio events to attend and milestones you get to celebrate together.

It’s also good motivation to work out if you develop a group of CycleBar besties who want to hit up Marble Brewery after class. (Did I mention CycleBar is literally next to Marble?)

5. It’s cheaper than therapy.

Whether you need a form of exercise to take out your frustrations or you simply find the dark studio and music-driven workout meditative, a monthly membership to CycleBar is cheaper than therapy—for your physical well-being and for your soul.

I did cycling exclusively for a month while recovering from an ankle injury, and one of the reasons I needed fewer physical therapy sessions was because I found enough resistance on the bike to strengthen the muscles in my legs and hips, which accelerated the healing of my ankle. The constant engagement of my core also alleviated back pain.

More importantly, it was good for my soul. Being able to get a good sweat in makes me a happier human and a better mom.

So if you are cleared for exercise and are still reading, go check out CycleBar ABQ Heights, and get your membership today! (They are scheduled to open in the fall.) If you want to get a great deal, CycleBar ABQ Heights is currently selling Founder’s Memberships, where you can save 30% off the regular rate.

*CycleStats is a combination of statistics from your ride that shows you your personalized performance stats and helps measure your progress.
**CycleBar has three main types or rides: Classic (the classic class with strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills), Performance (more emphasis on CycleStats, group challenges, rider competitions), and Connect (tune into the music, monitors off).

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