5 Tips to Drink More Water + Free Printable Water Intake Tracker


We all know we should probably drink more water, especially in our dry New Mexico climate. Not only does staying hydrated keep our bodies healthy, but it keeps our skin clear and hair shiny (and who doesn’t want that?). On average, we should drink 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day (and breastfeeding moms need 10-12). But as busy moms with kids running in every direction, it’s hard to remember to drink enough water throughout the day.

5 Tips to Drink More Water :: Albuquerque Moms Blog

Here are five tips to drink more water:

1. Use a refillable water bottle.

I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t keep track of a glass of water to save my life. I always fill it and then set it down someplace and forget about it until it gets knocked over by kids or pets.

So I invested in an insulated, stainless steel water bottle from Costco, and it’s helped me drink more water each day. It keeps the water cold for a long time, and it’s bright blue so I never misplace it. Plus it won’t break if it falls on the floor or gets knocked over.

2. Keep it at the right temperature.

Some people like their water ice cold, like me, and others prefer room temperature. If you prefer room temperature, fill your bottle(s) the night before and leave them out so they get to the right temp for you.

If you like it cold, stuff that insulated bottle with ice and refill as necessary.

3. Set a reminder.

If you really suck at remembering to drink water, set a reminder on your phone to go off every hour. When you hear that notification, find your bottle and take a good, long drink.

4. Get your kids involved.

You’re not the only one who should drink more water! Your kiddos should be staying hydrated too. My son has his own little water bottle that he carries around the house, and seeing him drinking from it reminds me to do the same.

5. Track your intake.

I’m a pretty organized person and few things make me happier that checking things off lists, filling in boxes, and crushing goals. Even with something as simple as drinking enough water. It’s so satisfying to get to the end of the day and realize I met my water intake goals.

Remember my water bottle from Costco? Well, I prefer to track my water in ounces, and since my bottle is 40 oz., I know I met my goal if I drink two entire bottles for the day. That works pretty well, but the nerdy organized me likes to have a visual representation of my achievements.

So I created this water intake tracker printable to help me (and you!) reach our goals and celebrate the wins. Just print it out, slip it in a clear sheet protector, and stick it on your fridge. Then, each time you refill your bottle, color in the appropriate box with a dry or wet erase marker.

Notice how you do each day, and at the end of the week, take a moment to evaluate where you can improve and celebrate the areas in which you did well.

Download your free Water Tracker printable now!

I hope this helps you drink more water and stay healthy and hydrated in our desert climate! Do you have any other tried and tried tips for drinking enough water? Tell us about them in the comments!

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