Postpartum Fashion: Styles to Help You Feel Great in Your New Bod


Oh, the postpartum life. There are so many things going on with your body that it’s hard to feel confident.

If I could describe the way I felt about my body the first few months postpartum in one word, it would be awkward.

I LOVED styling my bump when I was pregnant, but styling my new postpartum bod was weird. Even as some of my pre-baby clothes began to fit, they just didn’t fit the same way.

The good news is that there are plenty of styles to help you feel great in your new bod.

Postpartum Fashion

I’ve tried to pick pieces that can be dressed up or down or can be worn in a business casual environment.


Pull-on pants

Palazzo pants

Leggings – try these faux leather ones to really elevate things

High waist jeans – I hope low rise jeans never make a comeback

Flowy skirts


Wrap dress

Swing dress

Maxi dress  


Postpartum Fashion: Style to Help You Feel Great in Your New Bod


Nursing camis – perfect layering piece


Loose tank top

Basic t-shirt – you can never go wrong with a good t-shirt


Bike shorts – my new favorite trend

High waist compression legging

Jogger pants

Nursing bra – don’t forget the sports bra!

High-waist undies – no granny panties here

Things to Remember

  • Don’t be afraid to rock some maternity wear for a while! That bump doesn’t disappear overnight so get some extra use out of those pieces.
  • Purge your wardrobe of pieces you weren’t wearing before you were pregnant. I’m guilty of holding on to clothes in the hopes it’ll one day fit the way it used to. But if I didn’t wear it pre-baby, it wasn’t worth trying to fit into it post-baby.
  • Take inventory! This will help you figure out the key pieces you need.
  • You don’t have to pay full price for new clothes. Try a thrift store or even a clothing swap. One of my friends lost weight while I was pregnant, so we swapped clothes. We both ended up with new items and saved ourselves some money. Win-win!

Don’t forget that it took you nine months to grow that beautiful baby, so your body is going to need time to heal. I’m almost two years postpartum and still don’t fit into all of my pre-baby clothes. I understand it can be discouraging, but I hope this list helps you find styles to help you feel great in your new bod.

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