TikTok:: Bringing Families Together One Post at a Time


I know, I know. Two months ago if you would’ve told me I would be on TikTok, I’d tell you, “No way.” I’m in my thirties, I chase two toddlers around daily, and I have absolutely no time to learn yet another social media app. 

Enter quarantine. 

Tik TokI started seeing more and more people I respect (well, celebrities) like Courtney Cox, Reese Witherspoon, JLO (need I say more?) on the TikTok. One week into quarantine I created my first TikTok. 

And let me tell you, it was AMAZING

Check it out!

I was always the girl making up dances in my room as a kid. Watching myself in the mirror, dreaming of the day at the school dance that song would come on and all eyes would be on me. Obviously that never happened, and if it had, I would most likely still be dying of embarrassment. But for that little girl, TikTok is a dream come true. It’s actually considered COOL to film yourself perfecting a dance after spending copious amounts of time learning it. 

All the kids are doing it, and I’m sure (if allowed) your kids are on it. How cool of a mama (or dad or grandparent) would you be if you decided to do it with them? Imagine the laughs your family would have trying to learn and perform dances. On top of it all, you’ll have a hilarious memory from such a crazy time. 

I challenge you mamas, download the TikTok, learn a dance, and let the laughter ensue. 

And hey, if your kids are too young (or refuse) you could always recruit your husband. 

Disclaimer: Downloading TikTok, as with all social media, comes with potential risks and privacy violations.