Moms on the Frontline: Meet Lori, Interventional Radiology Nurse & Mom of 2


During this time of global pandemic, we all have our role to play. Some of us are homeschooling, working from home, providing food and groceries to the community, delivering mail and packages, first responders, healthcare workers, law enforcement, and so much more. We are so thankful to all of you for doing your part!

We want to particularly highlight some moms working on the frontline. So we’ve created a “Moms on the Frontline” Series. This series will feature the great work these women are doing while encouraging families to do their part by following the suggested guidelines to help stop the spread.

From the very bottom of our hearts, we at ABQ Mom are so thankful for the work you are doing for our community and our world!

We admire you, support you, and are thankful for you.

Today meet frontline mom Lori Funnell, Interventional Radiology Nurse, wife, and mom of two.

lori funnel, Interventional Radiology Nurse

Tell us about your job and the work you do each day.

I work in Interventional Radiology. Some days I am sedating patients for procedures, sometimes prepping and recovering patients, and other days I am placing special IVs (Piccs and midlines) throughout the hospital.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

We canceled any outpatient procedures that were deemed “non emergent” meaning they could wait 3 months; but the list of “emergent” cases are growing. We are busy with inpatient procedures and our IV needs have been higher than normal. Each day I arrive at work, get my temperature taken and answer no cough, fever, or shortness of breath. I must wear a mask at all times in the hospital except for eating/drinking. There is a lot of uncertainty about the virus as we get mixed messages from all around us.

How has the global pandemic affected your family?

My husband had a severe reaction to mold we didn’t know was growing in our house. He was hospitalized right in the middle of all of this, twice, before we found the cause. Thankfully, he never caught COVID. He has been weaning off the oxygen and is on a high dose of steroids. His pulmonologist advised me to stay away from him because COVID could be devastating in his weakened state. So my parents graciously volunteered to host my husband and sons until further notice.

I have stayed at home to supervise the mold killing and reconstruction of leaky bathrooms. I have used video visits and social distancing car visits (where I park across the street and talk to my family) to keep in touch with them. I have not had physical contact with any family since April 4th, unless you count my two big dogs. It’s very lonely, but I will continue to do this until the pulmonologist deems it safe for my family to be around me again.

What it is like serving every day as a mom on the frontline?

I am conflicted. I want to think of it all as no big deal, just a day in my life, but I am also terrified that I could be the reason a family member dies from COVID. I miss my children so much. I wonder if I am being overly cautious and yet would prefer to be safe than sorry. I prioritize the health and safety of my family and hope I am not damaging my children by being away from them for so long. I wonder if a better mom would find a safer job to be with her children more, or if I am a good mom because I provide for them even in the middle of all this. I am so proud of my boys and how they have handled this so far. I am beyond grateful for my husband and parents who shoulder on without me.

What acts of kindness or encouragement have you seen during this time?

My family has been so kind. My husband with the kids, my parents Bruce and Naomi opened their home. My brother Andrew helping where he can. My in-laws Melissa and Dale have provided me with countless meals. (I don’t cook). Friends have brought me food, comfort, and video visits. I have coworkers who have rallied around me, even neighbors I never talked with much before have checked with me. I have had patients who thank us for continuing to work, who ask how they can pray for us while they sit in their beds. There are too many moments to list them all, but God’s shield is definitely up.

What message or encouragement do you have for fellow ABQ moms during this time?

Love on your family. Hug your husband (if you have one), and especially hug your kids. Don’t judge yourself harshly when you mess up. Make time for God in the busy day.

Tell us about some simple pleasures you enjoy. What’s encouraging you on hard days?

Walking the dogs outside in the sunshine. Texting random gifs to friends when I feel alone. Having God bring to mind encouraging verses. Painting and organizing (when it won’t immediately get messy again lol).

Thank you, Lori (and everyone else on the frontline), for your service and your sacrifice.

You can read other posts in the series here. 

If you know a mom on the frontline you’d like to nominate for this series, send us an email at [email protected] {Please note, we may not be able to feature everyone who is nominated due to an influx of nominations.}

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