Anxiety About Coronavirus? Here’s a Round-Up of Helpful Posts


Coronavirus (a.k.a COVID-19) has reared its ugly head here in New Mexico. And the unfamiliar can be a little scary and cause some concern and anxiety.

If you’re a working parent and are looking for resources, here’s a post for you. Also, if you have children at home and need ideas for stuff to do while you’re homebound, here’s a post for you. 

Below are a round-up of helpful posts from our sister sites across the country because knowledge is power.

anxiety about coronavirus


Coronavirus… Schools Closed? Just Staying In? The Mega List of Sanity-Saving Ideas for Families by City Mom Collective

Prepping for a Coronavirus Quarantine :: Activities for Kids by Birmingham Moms Blog

How to Talk to Children About an Infection Outbreak by Columbus Mom

Coronavirus and Spring Break Travel by Fort Worth Moms

How to Talk to Your Kids about COVID-19 so They Won’t Worry by Burlington VT Moms Blog

Hold My Coronavirus:: Calming the Fears by Houston Moms Blog

Thoughts on Coronavirus from a White Adoptive Mom of Asian Children by Charleston Moms

A Germaphobe’s Take on COVID-19 from the Epicenter by Military Moms Blog

Dispatches from Northern Italy: How to Survive A Coronavirus Quarantine with Kids by Military Moms Blog

Coronavirus Conversations With Your Children by Tampa Bay Moms

Together we can support each other with ideas, information, and encouragement. There’s lots of that happening right now in our Community & Conversation Group. If you’re a part, now might be a great time to join.

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anxiety about coronavirus? Here's a round-up of helpful posts

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