Stephanie Rice

I have been married to my husband Daniel since 2015, and we currently have a son named Elijah (2016) and a baby due in November of 2018. Both my husband and I are full time air traffic controllers which is what brought us to Albuquerque. When I am not working, I love to spend all the time I can with family going on walks, finding vegan restaurant options, and having kitchen dance parties. I also love to shop, work on home projects, and blog at Vectors to Motherhood .
that kid

We All Have “That Kid” So Help a Fellow Mama Out!

"That kid." The one melting down in a store because he didn't get a toy he wanted or the candy she saw. Or just because you went down the wrong aisle in the store....
Quitting Breastfeeding 3 Days In Allowed Me To Love It 6 Months Later

Quitting Breastfeeding 3 Days In Allowed Me To Love It 6 Months Later

My second baby latched on for an hour right after birth. I thought he was going to do so great at breastfeeding. Fast forward a few hours to the all too familiar pain coming in....
Celebrating Earth Day, April 22

Celebrating Earth Day, April 22

Environmentalism was not something always at the forefront of my mind, but since becoming a mom I can't help but think about how we can all do more to reduce our footprint to make...
Albuquerque Moms Blog - Stop the Meme

Stop the Meme to Get Things Done

Memes seem to be absolutely everywhere. Every time you open up social media or the internet there is some new meme about something. There are even entire Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing memes about a...
my one regret as a mom, not asking for help, ABQ Moms

My One Regret As a Mom? Not Asking for Help When I Needed It...

I have one regret in life. One. That's it. I know I've only been around 30 years, but still, just one.  My one regret is not asking for help.  This post is about to get really...

Working Vs Stay-at-Home Mama :: A Raw and Real Look at Both

About a month and a half ago I transitioned from being a full-time working mama to a pretty much stay-at-home mama. I've got this blog, my personal blog, and a couple of projects I...
breastfeeding infection, mastitis, Albuquerque Moms Blog

The Breastfeeding Infection That Hit Me Like a Truck (Plus 6 Treatment Tips)

No one ever told me a breastfeeding infection was a thing. Imagine my surprise when one week in my breast started hurting even worse, and I started to feel awful. Just the thing we...

Motherhood Lessons Learned Through Air Traffic Control

I always like to say I have 2 full time jobs. I have been at one of them for about 2.5 years, and it's called motherhood. The other, I've been doing for 7 years,...
Wear the Suit

Just Wear Your Swimsuit and Love Your Summer! Plus Some Great Finds!

It's summer! This has always been my favorite season of the year! This girl likes to be warm, and summer time fuels my soul! There is nothing better than walking outside and feeling warmth...
birth stories editorial series

Birth Stories :: Dar a Luz Birth Center Birth

Hey Mamas! I'm so excited for today's post to tell you about my wonderful birth experience at Dar a Luz Birth and Health Center! Before I dive in though, I feel like we need to...
I'm a Second Time Mom and I Feel Like a Rookie from Albuquerque Moms Blog

I’m a Second Time Mom and I Feel Like a Rookie

Whenever I thought about having my second kid I felt like I would be an expert and always know what to do. I thought that since I had done it before it would be...
Please Remember This When You Visit A New Baby from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Please Remember This When You Visit A New Baby

Everyone loves a new baby. I get it. I had my second in November. And I don't ever want to put him down- which is good because he insists on being held 24/7 anyway,...
ABQ Mom's Blog - Pancakes

Healthy & Easy Vegan Pancakes :: A Kid Approved Breakfast

This past April our family switched to a vegan diet. We did this primarily for health reasons and you can read more about that here if you're interested. It was a big change for...
Finding Motivation in Motherhood from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Finding Your Motivation in Motherhood (Over and Over Again)

The last few weeks for me have been a period of just not wanting to do anything. I've had such a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything. Projects, household chores, workouts,...