Samantha Meyer Gallegos

Samantha Meyer Gallegos is a wife, sister, daughter, and mom to a joyful little girl, which all help inform her career as a freelance writer, blogger, and copy editor. She writes both online and in print for regional and national magazines and blogs on subjects including parenting, dogs, travel, food, physical therapy, and music. Samantha also consults about social media, SEO, and website strategy. On her blog Flurries of Flour, she writes about healthy recipes for busy people, parenting, and anxiety. Check out this site to find her professional work.
postpartum anxiety

The Hidden Disorder :: Postpartum Anxiety

As parents, we all have some level of anxiety when it comes to our children. This is doubly true when they're first born and especially when it's your first child. It's normal to worry—we love these...
5 Things About Endometriosis Every Woman Should Know

5 Things About Endometriosis Every Woman Should Know

My sister was sick for ten years before she figured out why. Ten years of appointments, tests, procedures, hospital stays and ER visits, research, trying one thing after another, and doctors shrugging their shoulders...
child's love language

Communicating Love: What is Your Child’s Love Language?

My niece made homemade gifts for everyone for the holidays. They were sweet, adorable, and she had clearly thought about each one of us during their selection. They brought both a grin to my...
What happens when we know self-care is important but we can't find the time? Let's chat with Albuquerque moms blog.

The Problem with Self-Care: When Everything is a Priority

The problem with self-care? My planner is on the table with my weeks spread out in front of me. Every Wednesday and Sunday, in pen, I've written "face mask." A simple, 10-minute face mask. How...
What I Want My Daughter to Know About Body Image

What I Want My Daughter To Know About Body Image

What I want my daughter to know about body image: she is strong and beautiful, no matter what. Kate Winslet once said in an interview, "As a child, I never heard one woman say to...
homemade applesauce for the Instant Pot from Albuquerque Moms Blog

No-Added-Sugar, Instant Pot Spiced Applesauce

Is there anything that feels more like fall or winter than having your entire kitchen smell like cinnamon and spice? What else can bring on a feeling of being cozy and warm like that...
Helping Kids Lean to Cook in the Kitchen from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Helping Kids Learn to Cook: Sharing the Fun (and the Mess) Together

Helping kids learn to cook: a lot of fun and a lot of mess. It can be difficult to get started, especially when you think about that mess (and especially when they're really little). But...
Portrait of a baby listening to music with headphones for Albuquerque Moms Blog

How to Introduce Music to Your Little Ones

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a true musical prodigy. Forced to a harsh practice routine by his father, by age six he was creating compositions. He wrote his first opera at 14. But most kids...
Being myself in a critical world, Albuquerque Moms Blog

How My Daughter Is Teaching Me to Be Me in a Critical World

The voice in my head isn’t always so kind, especially in a critical world. Sometimes it spews out a stream of criticism, disdain, and vitriol that, as my husband gently reminds me, I wouldn’t...
gratefulness, thankfulness

Creating a Habit of Gratefulness and Giving Back into the Every Day

In a recent issue of Parents magazine, there's a small section in an article about modeling gratefulness and compassion to your child, so they can learn to be helpful, compassionate, and happy. And that got me...
Celebrating Father's Day from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Celebrating Father’s Day with Memories and the Sunday Paper

  "I'm celebrating Father's Day with memories this year." Admittedly, it's a strange statement. But celebrating Father's Day hasn't been a tradition for me for a long time. My father passed away when I was...
Celebrate Kodomo no Hi, or Children's Day, with Albuquerque Moms Blog

Japan’s Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day): Explore a New Culture with a Craft

What's one of the best ways to teach kids about cultures different from their own? Teaching them through celebrations and food! Maybe it's my background in International Relations, but I love teaching kids about holidays around...
Spark Your Child's Joy for Reading

Spark Your Child’s Joy for Reading

How do you excite your children about reading? Multiple studies have found that reading as a child boosts brain development in many areas, including language learning, literacy skills, imagination, and cognitive ability. Reading has even been...
A New Business and a New Baby :: How I Survived and Thrived! from Albuquerque Moms Blog

A New Business and a New Baby :: How I Survived and Thrived

Navigating a new business and a new baby all at once...sounds crazy, right? My husband started his business three months before my due date. We hadn't planned to start it at that point, but it...