Rebecca dedicates most waking hours (and some non-waking hours!) caring for her three adorable children. Nothing reveals more to her about who she really is than having three very needy people wanting her attention all the time! Rebecca is passionate about truth, and loves thinking about the rationale behind parenting decisions-- whether it’s theological, philosophical, or scientific. In addition to pouring herself out for her family, Rebecca loves a good café and dabbling in photography. She invites you to follow her on Instagram @rebecca_looker.
backyard chickens

Backyard Chickens :: Fun for the Whole Family!

Last summer we brought home six babies. They were soft, fuzzy, and oh so adorable. These babies grew up and still have the cutest fuzzy bottoms and give us eggs every day. Our whole...
3 Tips to Help You Keep a Clean House

3 Tips to Help You Keep a Clean House

It’s springtime, and many people are starting to get the cleaning bug. I have to preface this post with the fact that my house is NOT the cleanest. However, I think everyone is happier...
Christmas Birthday

Christmas Birthday: 3 Ways to Make a December Baby Feel Special

When you have a birthday in December, it can easily feel like your special day is eclipsed by Christmas. Everyone is busy preparing for (or recovering from) Christmas and you may get the short...
Potty Training 101 - 3 Tips for the Momentous Occasion

Potty Training 101 – 3 Tips for the Momentous Occasion

I'm finishing my third straight summer of potty training. WooHoo!? (At least that's what I remember . . . I seem to have blocked out all recollections of potty training my eldest 2ish years...
Baby-Led Weaning :: Introducing Solids to Baby from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Baby-Led Weaning :: Introducing Solids to Baby

I love introducing solids to my babies. The looks on their faces as they taste their first "real" foods are priceless. With each of my kids I have loosely followed a baby-led weaning philosophy. My third...
Heart Disease :: What Every Mom Needs to Know from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Heart Disease :: What Every Mom Needs to Know

My grandpa died of heart disease when he was fairly young. However, I rarely think about my risks of heart disease. I’m young(ish). I’m healthy(ish). I’m a busy momma focusing on caring for my...
baby books, books for mom, books for mama, books for mothers, mom reading

Baby Books for the New Mom :: Three Books Every Home Needs

I have a shelf full of baby books. They range from the classic What to Expect series to books on training children in spiritual matters to books about potty training.  I'm expecting my fourth baby next spring,...
kid social media Albuquerque Moms Blog

Time-Out From Social Media :: What Would You Gain?

Have you ever wanted more time in your day but didn't know where to find it? Try tracking how much time you spend on social media. This summer I deleted Facebook from my phone,...
Good Neighbor Children in Swing

Being a Good Neighbor When You Have Kids

I imagine most of us want to be a good neighbor. But I often find it difficult to connect with those who are geographically closest. Everyone is always busy. It's all too common to...
Ocean Party. Albuquerque Moms Blog

Simple Ocean Party :: You Don’t Serve Pinterest, But It Can Serve You!

Children can be oddly specific about their birthday parties, from a "fairy princess rock star party," to a "purple and pink penguin pizza party," to a "deep sea" party.  My son just turned 5,...
Motherhood Changes Us. Albuquerque Moms Blog

Motherhood Changes Us: Will you Embrace the Change Even If It’s Hard?

The mommy blogosphere is full of articles brimming with advice on how not to "lose yourself" when deep in the throes of motherhood. Mothers are encouraged to take a vacation, go to the spa, perhaps...

I’m an Orchestra Conductor and Not a Mechanic :: Seeing Our Children as Individuals

Sometimes I have this delusion that my life ought to run like a well-oiled machine. Each family member knows what their responsibilities are and executes them perfectly. All the pieces of the family machine...
foster care | albuquerque moms blog

Foster Care in New Mexico {Real Kids with Real Needs}

May is National Foster Care Month and tears are welling in my eyes as I think of the many, many children in the foster care system.  I am eternally grateful for the dear women (and...
foster care | albuquerque moms blog

Foster Care Supply Drive | June 3rd

Partner with Albuquerque Moms Blog for a supply drive to provide CYFD's requested items for foster children awaiting placement. Together we can make Albuquerque a better place for children. Deliver items for the supply drive...