Rachel Yellowhair-Morrison

Rachel was born and raised in New Mexico and on the neighboring Navajo reservation until she was 14. She then attended high school in Connecticut, but returned to New Mexico for college because the mountains will always be home for her. She met her husband while working on a BS in Astrophysics at UNM and working at Dion’s. They married in Tijeras, NM in 2014 and welcomed their son Hunter in 2016. Rachel is currently a stay-at-home mom, wife, yogi, outdoor enthusiast, faithful San Francisco 49ers fan, and amateur astronomer. If she is not busy organizing playdates and meet-ups for local moms, you can find her at a yoga class, rock climbing gym, or on a trail run in the Foothills where she lives. Since entering motherhood in 2016, Rachel's newest passion has been bringing moms together in a safe space and being the mom friend to others that she wished she had when she was a newly minted Albuquerque mom.

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