Nichole Jaramillo

Nichole is a wife and mother of three: Amari (2009), Santiago (2012) and Gemma (2015). She is native to Albuquerque and vowed to never leave after returning from college. Nichole enjoys living and working on her family farm in Old Town, teaching and practicing yoga, being involved at San Felipe Parish, and working with Women’s United (an affiliate of United Way). Nichole has many interests including running, yoga, golf, natural herbs/oils, and real estate investing. Most days, Nichole is trying to balance it all and enjoys helping other mothers do the same. You can follow her journey on Instagram.
Hispanic Heritage Month :: Preserving & Celebrating Our Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month :: Preserving & Celebrating Our Heritage

As a native New Mexican, our culture is something to be proud of and celebrate! Hispanic food, family, traditions, and holidays are quite unique. I'd like to share our deeply rooted family heritage. Food Enchiladas, chips...
This Hit Home :: Washington Middle School Shooting

This Hits Home :: Washington Middle School Shooting

I attended Washington Middle School. I remember walking the halls, playing on the field, attending classes in A, B, and C halls, and eating lunch on the benches. This was years ago, but some...
He, She, They :: What's With the Gender Pronouns?

He, She, They :: What’s With the Gender Pronouns?

I have to admit that I didn't get it. In the past year, I've seen an increased use of gender pronouns in Zoom calls, email signature lines, and social media. She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs They are all...
nichole Jaramillo, ABQ Mom

Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Nichole Jaramillo

Hi! I'm Nichole Jaramillo. I am very excited to be a new ABQ Mom contributor and have so much to share with you! Learning is my passion, so I'm constantly exploring and trying new things....