Martha is an Albuquerque wife, Mama!, sister, and friend who enjoys coffee and doughnuting around. In her spare time, she teaches and makes up ridiculous songs while swaying her youngest to sleep.
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Lullabies, Schmullabies! Song Suggestions from a Scatterbrained Mom

Have you ever had one of those nights when your little one(s) just will NOT go to sleep? In spite of Samuel L. Jackson's excellent read aloud version of "Go the to Sleep"...
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Infertility Awareness :: Tips for Encouraging A Friend in Need

Longing. Loneliness. Heartache. Bitterness. Rejection. A Broken Heart. All of those things can be a result of infertility.  The seemingly endless cycle of infertility is daunting and terrible. Just when you think you've given up and you...
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Read Across Albuquerque :: Oh The Places You’ll Go!

In honor of Read Across America day (also Dr. Seuss' birthday), I've composed a little poem inspired by the master of rhyme himself, Dr. Seuss.  Oh, The Places You'll Go (in ABQ) We've many things in...

Valentine Thoughts for Middle School Me (Pending Time Travel Availability)

Someday in the future, when time machines are invented, these are some things I wish I could go back and say to middle-school-me as Valentine's Day anxiety is building up.  #1 Mr. Right isn't like the...
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Why I Choose to Join the New Mexico Women’s March

Are you planning to attend the New Mexico Women's March at Civic Plaza this weekend? I attended the march last year, and here are the reasons I plan to attend again:  Walking through the middle of Albuquerque...
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A Call to Action for the Safety of Our Children

He was getting away! That little cutie pie was off and running and getting away! I called lamely, “Stop running,” as his mom chased him into the street, trying to catch up to him. Seriously,...
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Underwhelmed by Monotony and Routine

Sometimes I am simply underwhelmed (underwhelmed as in not impressed, not that I'm not overwhelmed like the rest of you). My life is not routine or boring, not for a second. I am a...
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Nail Polish Protocol :: Life Lesson for Rainbow Tiger

Have you ever had one of those moments when your quiet mommy time turned into some sort of life lesson?  I sometimes try to convey the importance of mommy having alone time in the...
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Smith’s ClickList: A Working Mom’s Grocery Shopping Dreams Come True

Do you hate grocery shopping as much as I do? I feel like every time I go grocery shopping, I remove 8 years from my life due to the stress it causes. First off, I'm...
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National Parks Junior Rangers :: Learning from Real Life Adventures

If you're tired of your kids' video games, you've already seen that episode of Barney and Thomas the Train one too many times (once was way too many for me),  and you're ready to...
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Cleaning with Kids :: A Matter of Opinion

My favorite holiday just passed (May the Fourth), so I started looking around to find my next favorite holiday. Did you even know there was a holiday dedicated to cleaning up your room? According...
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May the Fourth be with You! (Or Whatever Floats Your Boat)

Today is Star Wars Day, my favorite holiday!   It’s the day when my family’s clothing choices actually fit the occasion. No one else at my work site can wear Star Wars garb for 2...
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Albuquerque Mom’s Blog :: Introducing Martha Navarro

Albuquerque What can I say? I like big cities! When I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad lived in Belen, Socorro, and finally, Los Lunas. But I always wanted to be in Albuquerque....