Martha is an Albuquerque wife, Mama!, sister, and friend who enjoys coffee and doughnuting around. In her spare time, she teaches and makes up ridiculous songs while swaying her youngest to sleep.
snacking with purpose

Snacking with Purpose for Happy, Healthy Kids

I love snacks. My kids love snacks! Who doesn't love to snack? If I'm completely honest, I'll say that we love to snack on ice cream and Doritos. I would also not say, "No"...
what happens in toddlerhood

What Happens in Toddlerhood Stays in Toddlerhood

Do you find yourself trying to remember that funny thing your kid said just the other day? Are you constantly trying to relate that cute conversation you had with your little one, only to...
Happy New Year

A Mid-Year-New-Year Resolution

When my little ones were young, each week and month was a milestone worthy of pictures and celebration.  Some folks celebrate their half-birthdays. This year, I'll be celebrating a half-life. Not the kind of...
Television Binges for Every Mood Albuquerque Mom's Blog

Binge Worthy Television for Moms in Any Mood

Have you found yourself "in a mood" and unable to decide what to do with yourself? Well, send the kids to play, pour yourself a cup of tea (or whatever it is you pour...

Albuquerque Mom Shares Oddly Satisfying Mom Moments

It's confession time. I find myself strangely satisfied by random and slightly odd things. I'm probably not the only one with oddly satisfying mom moments. Wait! Am I the only one? Someone please tell...
Dress Up Time! Is it time to get Fancy? Albuquerque Moms Blog Easter

Dress Up Season Has Arrived! Is it Time to Get Fancy?

Dress Up Season has arrived! Easter, prom, weddings, graduations... I realized this the other day when someone mentioned they liked my new outfit, and I found myself explaining that it wasn't new. I had simply...
My New Mexico :: Where the Family I Love is Proud to Look Nothing Alike from Albuquerque Moms Blog

My New Mexico :: Where the Family I Love is Proud to Look Nothing...

This post goes out to all the moms who never post pictures of their child with a picture of themselves at the same age with the caption, "He looks just like me." This one...
Help! My Kid's a Biter from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Help! My Kid’s a Biter!

Help! My kid's a Biter! He is sweet, kind, loving, and cuddly. But for some reason, when he feels threatened, he bites. It happened often when he was younger. He would bite his brother or...
Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does) from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Time Changes Everything (And Thank Goodness it Does)

Time changes all . . . and thank goodness it does. Can you imagine being married to the same guy you met way back whenever that was? That guy didn't even know how to use...
Laundry from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Laundry :: The Never Ending Bane of a Mom’s Existence

I am definitely not here to offer any tips or tricks for making the doing of laundry any more beautiful or bright. The truth of the matter for all of us is we all...
Sexism from Albuquerque Moms Blog

It’s 2018, Ya’ll! Is This Sexism I Hear? :: A Story of a Mom...

Over the summer and into the fall, my husband and I moved our little family into a home I own with my sisters. During a few "we're in way over our heads" remodeling jobs,...
The Sex Talk :: Need I Say More?

The Sex Talk :: Need I Say More?

Someone recently asked me to write about having the sex talk with my kids. I said, "Absolutely not!" I am not discussing sex with my seven-year-olds or my three-year-old. In my personal opinion, they are not...

Breastfeeding Moms of Albuquerque, We Want to Hear YOUR Story!

I know there are many different ways to raise and love our children. All children are different. Their families, situations, and experiences are varied. As moms, we get to have a huge say in...
How I Met Your Father :: Can Our Kids Tell the Story? from Albuquerque Moms Blog

How I Met Your Father :: Can Our Kids Tell the Story?

It's always fun to read those cute little stories kids write about their parents. I decided to see how much my kids could tell me about how their father and I met. Here's how they...