Martha is an Albuquerque wife, Mama!, sister, and friend who enjoys coffee and doughnuting around. In her spare time, she teaches and makes up ridiculous songs while swaying her youngest to sleep.
Part 2: Infertility is the Baby Carriage That Hits Like a Semi Truck

Part 2: Infertility is the Baby Carriage That Hits Like a Semi Truck

Read Part 1 of this infertility series here. There's that sequence from the movie UP that hits me hard every time. Those two sweet kids . . . they love each other so much. They...
The Story of My Son's Third Eye

The Story of My Son’s Third Eye

Yes, you read that right. This is the story of my son’s third eye. Let me rewind. A few days ago, my son came down with a fever. I was like, “Oh no! Is this...
Go To Sleep, Mom!

Go To Sleep, Mom!

Do you ever have trouble going to sleep? I do. Constantly. Here are the best narratives I tell myself for not going to sleep at a decent hour. The things for today are all done. So...
Back to School

First Day of School – In APRIL

So, New Mexico says all public schools will give all students the opportunity to attend school in person on or before April 5. You know what this means? It's the first day of school! Normally the...
Here's How I Taught My Kids to Ride a Bike

Here’s How I Taught My Kids to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle can be an extremely beneficial strategy for helping a child learn to cross their midline or develop core body strength. All children can benefit from this, but one of my children...
the waiting room, stroke

The Waiting Room :: The Day I Could Have Lost My Mom

I was expecting a call. Someone would call and tell me my sister was in labor. She was expecting her first baby any day. We were supposed to deliver our babies 15 days apart....
finger nail trim

This Helpful Nail Trimming Routine Has Kept Our Family Sane

My screaming child was definitely attracting the attention of many individuals. His kicking legs and flailing arm were drawing stares from concerned shoppers in the parking lot of a Walgreens somewhere between here and...
dividing lines

Dividing Lines

It happens all the time. But this particular time I could feel it coming true....cracking, breaking, somewhere deep inside. There used to be enough of me to go around. I used to have two arms,...
game night family, ABQ Moms

The Power of Board Games

Who knew board games could be the answer to our problem?  My husband and I both work full-time jobs that often demand time and attention outside of normal working hours. We OFTEN feel like failures...
a teacher's advice for parents during school closures

A Teacher’s Advice To Parents During School Closures

All New Mexican school kids are (temporarily) homeschool kids.  I'm a teacher and just learned that students will be missing several weeks of school without the option of making up that learning time. I won't...
bag half empty, feelings, teachable moment

A Bag Half Empty :: A Teachable Moment About Feelings

We were driving north on I-25 on this particular day, headed to some appointment or another after a full day of work/school. I had given the kids snacks: a drink and a bag of...
Star Wars Mom, Albuquerque

Calling All STAR WARS Moms :: Who Else Is Excited for December 20th?

Fellow STAR WARS moms, the latest and last STAR WARS film The Rise of Skywalker will be released on December 20th. Who else is headed to the movies that night?  Raise your hand if you're as...
girl doritos

Sex and Doritos

Yep. You read that right. While some may not think Sex and Doritos go together, I am about to let you in on a little secret. They do. Here's what I figured out. It all...
why my kids' ideas matter

Why My Kids’ Ideas Matter

Sometimes kids feel like they are invisible, like what they say or think doesn't matter. I've heard my kids mutter under their breath, "No one is listening anyway" or "Nobody cares." Kids wonder if...