Lucia Pinon

Originally from Wyoming, Lucia Pinon moved to the Land of Enchantment when she was 11. Along with her parents and sisters, she's called New Mexico home ever since. Lucia is a twin; they have special telepathy and share a unique bond. Nature was a part of her upbringing, and she believes there is nothing more breathtaking than being connected to nature. Through its nature and surroundings, Albuquerque offers much charm and Lucia strives to explore outdoor dining, coffee shops, boutiques, festivals, and resorts. She co-parents a teen daughter, a brave and beautiful spirit, who is creative, compassionate, loving, and athletic. Lucia and her daughter love to travel and explore new places for horseback riding, biking, swimming, and eating sushi while watching a great flick. As a first-generation college graduate from Highlands University, Lucia earned a bachelor's in social work and has created a contracting business working with families and children with disabilities. Lucia is delighted to be a part of ABQ mom and share her positive light. Keep an eye out for that gypsy soul who loves to soak up the sun and live life to its fullest. (C'laluz)
Moms Overcome Mean Girls: Teaching My Daughter About Self-Love

Mama Bears and Mean Girls: Teaching My Daughter About Self-Love

Every morning when I dropped my daughter off at school, I noticed she would walk up to the same crowd and they would not acknowledge her. My daughter's face looked sad and uncomfortable. I...