Laura Holland

Laura Holland
Laura is an East Mountain Mama who loves Jesus, coffee, baseball, role-playing games, and the smell of rain in the desert. Laura has been married to her husband, James, since 2010, and after two losses they welcomed their son, David, into the world in 2014. Laura holds a degree in creative writing from UNM, and she often writes transparently about subjects such as miscarriage, secondary infertility, and the perspective change of parenthood after loss. She is passionate about connecting with other moms and sharing the good, the ugly, and the beautiful in this amazing journey.
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This Is the Face of Secondary Infertility

The white stick dropped into the trash can, conspicuously face-up, showing just one little pink line. When we first started trying for another baby, I took tests with regularity, but as time went on and...
We started unplugging once a week, ABQ MOm

We Started Unplugging Once a Week: Here’s What Happened

My husband recently showed me some research which detailed the benefits of unplugging from your electronic devices once a week. I was dubious at first, but we decided to give it a try. We established...
What Should I Read Next? Book Suggestions for Mom

What Should I Read Next? Book Suggestions for Mom

Feeling a little stir crazy? Looking for some new book suggestions? Thanks to the Albuquerque Public Library online system, reading is a great activity to enjoy - and below are some you could check...
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5 Life Lessons My Child and I Have Learned from the Movie “Cars”

One of the favorite movies in our house is the Pixar movie, Cars. We have gleaned a few life lessons from Cars and its two sequels and wanted to share some of them with...
10 years of marriage

10 Lessons I’ve Learned from 10 Years of Marriage

This Valentine’s Day week, we have a series of posts dedicated to love, marriage, and sex. This series is brought to you by our partners at A New You Counseling.  My husband and I will celebrate...

From Darkness to Light :: My Depression Journey

Everything seemed to happen at once. Most of our community of friends moved away due to job changes. People I saw on a regular basis suddenly weren't there anymore. Our relationship with our best...
quotes by mothers in classic lit

From Ma to Marmee :: Quotes from Mothers in Classic Literature

I was blessed to have a close relationship with my mother growing up, and one of our favorite activities was reading aloud together. In this way I was introduced to many classics of great...
dear baby, miscarriage, pregnancy loss

Dear Baby :: Letter from a Loss Mom

Dear Baby, I carried you for ten short weeks - two-and-a-half months. It wasn't long enough to know your hair or eye color. It wasn't long enough to feel your kicks. But it was long enough...
formula feeding, mom guilt

Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding :: Dealing with Mom Guilt

I was happily able to exclusively breastfeed our son for the first few months of his life. After that, I struggled with production and we began supplementing with formula. The immense guilt I felt...
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The Benefits of Breastmilk (and Unconventional Uses)

We're continuing our celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2019 The theme for this year is “Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding.” Thanks to Lovelace Health System for sponsoring this World Breastfeeding Week Editorial Series.  My best friend...
sleep training saved my sanity

How Sleep Training Saved My Sanity

I don't take it for granted that we got very, very lucky. The night after our son David was born, he slept six hours in one stretch. In fact, the nurse had to come...
Forgotten mothers on mother's Day, Albuquerque Moms Blog

To the Forgotten Mothers on Mother’s Day

When I was pregnant with our son, David, I had a lot of people stop and wish me congratulations on that first Mothers day. Only, what most people didn't realize was that it wasn't...
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Be Gentle with Your Friends Going Through Secondary Infertility

It happened again the other day: the group of women I was sitting with started talking about the best age gap between children and asking each other when they were going to try for...
This is Real Motherhood from Albuquerque Moms Blog

This is Real Motherhood :: Messy, Exhausting, & Beautiful

My friend likes to tell the story about when she saw me with my newborn for the first time.  She was visiting one day and I stumbled into the living room. I was heavy-eyed and...