Katie Danner

Katie is a native New Mexican who loves living in Albuquerque with her husband and three kids. With a background in journalism and hospitality, Katie loves to write and is passionate about the beautiful state she calls home. When she's not changing diapers, searching for lost toys or sweeping food off the floor, she enjoys reading and making fun crafts. Since becoming a momma, almost five years ago, one of Katie's favorite things has been meeting and connecting with other moms. Some of her best friendships have developed over conversations about sleep patterns and potty training.
Prenatal Depression and How to Get Through It

Prenatal Depression and How to Get Through It

In January of 2015, my husband and I found out we were expecting our third baby. This was good news. We were thrilled but more than anything, I was relieved. A few weeks before we...
Dos and Don'ts of Kids' Birthday Parties by the Albuquerque Moms Blog

Dos and Don’ts of Kids’ Birthday Parties

As a mom of 3, I've thrown my fair share of birthday parties in my 8 years of motherhood. Some have been blog-worthy, and others we'll just call a learning experience. Throwing a birthday...
New Mexico Road Trip Printable form Albuquerque Moms Blog

Spring Break Road Trip Printable

Headed out of town with your little ones for Spring Break and wondering how to keep them entertained on a long car ride? We've got just the thing! A custom New Mexico road trip...
Why It's Good to Be a Mom in 2019 from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Why It’s Good to Be a Mom in 2019

The fact that motherhood is hard is universally known. It's a fact that we don't ever let men forget, and that we remind our fellow moms about in every conversation. Yes it's true that raising...
I Get Help Cleaning My House from Albuquerque Moms Blog

I Get Help Cleaning My House

Confession: I get help cleaning my house. Once a month, someone comes to my house and cleans up after my family.  There was a time when I was embarrassed about this. I felt like paying someone...
4 Ways to THRIVE Instead of Survive on the Weekends from Albuquerque Moms Blog

4 Ways to THRIVE Instead of Survive on the Weekends

Ah the weekend; two glorious days off full of sleeping in, eating brunch, and watching football. What, your weekends don't look like that? Ya, mine either; at least not anymore. These days it seems...

Yearly Christmas Card Cover Printable :: Turning Cards Into Keepsakes

I wouldn't say that I am good at making and keeping holiday traditions for my family. In the past, traditions have seemed like a lot of work and my kids were too little to...
How To Make Yarn Wall Hangings with Your Kids

How to Make Yarn Wall Hangings with Kids :: A Perfect Christmas Craft

Alright mamas who crochet and knit, I have found the perfect craft for you and your daughters. My daughter and I are hooked on yarn wall hangings and if you give it a try,...
superhero from albuquerque moms blog

When You’re the Mom to Superheroes :: Raising Kids to Change the World

Imagine that you knew your son would grow up to be Captain America someday, that he would lead the American troops to victory over some foreign threat. Would that knowledge change the way you...

5 Fun Places to Take Photos of Kids in the 505

My most treasured possessions are pictures of my kids. Even the pictures that are on my phone, yet to be downloaded or added to a photo book are worth more than gold to me....

Keeping Your Finances on Track :: An App to Help During Back to School

When I became a stay-at-home mom six years ago, I took over the job of the paying the bills and keeping track of our finances. It became something I enjoyed and took ownership of....

Rejoice in Mundane Motherhood & Fight Off Discontentment

I've been struggling with discontentment lately-in all the things. I've found reasons to be unhappy with my community, my neighbors, my friends, my family, my husband, and myself. I've even been discontent about the...
We Don't Post Pictures on Vacation :: Three Reasons Why We Wait to Share Photos from Albuquerque Moms Blog

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Post Pictures on Vacation

It started as something my husband asked me not to do for safety reason and quickly grew into a firm family rule. The rule is one I follow joyfully. And I plan to keep...
summer bucket list, Albuquerque Moms Blog

2018 Summer Bucket List

I have always enjoyed making our summer bucket lists. I love to day dream about summer and get my mind organized with all the things I'd like us to do. But this year the...