Kate Bergeron

Kate Bergeron is an actor, comedy writer, and mama of 2. She lives on ABQ’s westside with her husband Joe, their daughter (2016), son (2019), and 2 mischievous kitties. A fairly recent transplant, Kate commutes back and forth to LA as needed for acting work but is very happy to see how much the industry in New Mexico is growing! Kate and her family love NM for its fresh air, wide-open spaces, and relaxed pace of life. They feel very grateful to call Albuquerque home. To learn more about Kate, check out her website or follow her on Instagram.
This Hike is a Hug from Nature

This Hike Is a Hug from Nature

Contemplation Trail . . . listen to that. Contemplation Trail. Doesn’t that sound like the most zen hike ever? Well, it is! The name is what drew me to the area initially. We were months...
3 Doable Hobbies for Busy Moms (i.e., All Moms)

3 Doable Hobbies for Busy Moms (i.e., All Moms)

I've got a lot of (childless) friends who used the pandemic as a time to pick up a new hobby: bread baking, learning a new language, or learning an instrument. But hobbies for moms?...
Artsy Kid vs the Environment: What Do I Do With All This Stuff?

Art Kid vs the Environment: What Do I Do with All This Stuff?

My kid loves art. She draws, she builds costumes out of paper, and she creates entire multimedia neighborhoods for her unicorns (also made by her). I’m proud of her and do my best to encourage...
5 Weird Secrets of My Actor/Mom Life

5 Weird Secrets from My Actor/Mom Life

My career isn't the average career. I'm a professional actor. Having been in this business for my entire motherhood, sometimes I forget what a strange existence it is. But during a particularly busy season...
Forget the New Year's Resolution :: Let's Make a Joy Board!

Forget the New Year’s Resolution :: Let’s Make a Joy Board!

I love New Year's resolution planning. Like, loooove it. Even as a kid I would sit down with my parents and make my list of goals and hopes for the new year. Back then, my...