Joanna Rushing

An Albuquerque native and a graduate of the University of New Mexico, Joanna is a Burqueña through and through. A mother, wife, musician, actor, and lover of all things Green Chile and Harry Potter, Joanna welcomed her first baby girl into the world in February of this year. She's been spending the subsequent months trying to figure out just how this motherhood thing works and wondering if her house might one day clean itself. Joanna loves to travel, play her guitar, cook, and drink good beer and coffee. She's a big fan of experiences and memories and hopes to pass that love on to her daughter in the years to come.

5 Nuggets of Advice & Encouragement for the New Mom

Nothing can fully prepare you to be a brand new mom. It’s really like the plot of a bad joke: you spend a few days in the hospital in a state of hormonal and sleep-deprived...
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The Easiest Chicken You’ll Ever Make

How about a super easy chicken dinner tonight? Is it just me or is dinner that thing that is just kind of constantly hanging over your head? What if dinner could be that easy...
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Dear Mom with Intermittent Low-Grade Anxiety

I was breaking down. AGAIN. I just wanted to crumple into the floor and cry. Why? Well, it was because the house was a little bit messy, the laundry wasn’t perfectly finished, there were...
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A New Mexican’s Guide to Green Chile for the New New Mexican

Every true New Mexican knows that August & September is this magical time when the most delicious spicy green chile get thrown in a metal cage over an open flame. Roasters then char the...
Joanna Rushing | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Albuquerque Moms Blog :: Introducing Joanna Rushing

Hello!  My name is Joanna Rushing.  I'm a new mom, a wife, a musician, an actor, a traveler, a lover of all things green chile and Harry Potter, and now a blogger! Albuquerque I'm definitely a...