Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez
Jessica is a born and raised Albuquerque mama who loves spending time with her husband Phillip, her son Myles, and her daughter Kyla. The most important things in the Martinez household are faith, football, and family. Her tools for surviving motherhood include Jesus, Bravo reality shows, and a whole lot of coffee. Engaging and connecting with other mamas in our great city through ABQ Mom is something that she loves to do. Follow her on Instagram @jessicaleanney
moving guide Albuquerque, ABQ Mom

ABQ Mom’s Blog Guide to Moving to Albuquerque (With Kids)

We are excited to present our readers with the ABQ Mom's Guide to Moving to Albuquerque. This guide aims to be a one-stop shop for our families out there who are moving to our...
Guide to August

Things To Do In ABQ :: A Mom’s Guide to August

Well Mamas that was one summer for the books. And while we still have a couple weeks left, there is a lot to get ready for. If you are needing a break from all...
Adventuring in New Mexico

ABQ Mom’s Guide to Adventuring in NM :: State Parks, Lakes, Hiking, & More

We live in a beautiful state. There are so many different parts of New Mexico that have so much to offer, and with summer travel plans being limited this year, the list below has...
drive-in movies, ABQ, Albuquerque

ABQ Mom’s Guide to Drive-In Movies

Movies have without a doubt been one of the most affected summer activities in our new normal. Thankfully, ABQ has been adapting with some cool drive-in movies as a fun alternative. Check them out...
4th of July

ABQ Mom’s Guide to 4th of July

This year won't look the same as previous years but that doesn't mean this 4th of July can't have the same amount of sparkle. With food, family, and some fireworks still happening, 4th fun...
Guide to July

ABQ Mom’s Guide to July

Um, excuse me but how is it already half-way through the summer? We may not know what the next couple of months are going to bring, but we do know that the sun is...
National Donut Day

ABQ Mom’s Guide to National Donut Day

I mean, what's greater than a donut? Cake? Good. Sprinkles? Good. Frosting? GOOD. And because the donut is such a tasty treat, they decided it needs it's own holiday. Friday, June 5th is National...
Patio Dining

ABQ Mom’s Guide to Patio Dining

Nothing is quite as lovely during warm weather than dining on the patio. Luckily for us, Albuquerque is full of some of the most beautiful spots to enjoy your dinner outdoors. Put on some...
Guide to June

ABQ Mom’s Guide to June

Alright, mamas, you made it through. You schooled the kids. You made the meals. You held down the fort. It's time for you to enjoy summer. And we don't want to make that hard....
ABQ Mom Summer Bucket list

ABQ Mom’s 2020 Summer Bucket List {Includes a Printable Calendar}

While we are unsure what the summer will look like, we do know one thing. The sun is shining, the kids are no longer in school, and there are so many ways to bond...
Stay At Home Marriage

Maintaining a Stay-At-Home Marriage

I have had 2 1/2 years of getting used to the term stay-at-home mom. It is now who I am. I am used to the good and the bad that go along with the...
obscure holidays May, ABQ Mom

ABQ Mom Guide To Obscure Holidays in May

Finding the fun in each day can be a struggle. Maybe you are out of ideas and all of your creativity has been used up--enter national holidays. Check out these daily activities by celebrating...
local online events, ABQ, Albuquerque

ABQ Mom’s Guide to Online Events

Spending time inside all day is not ideal, especially with a house full of fully energized kiddos. Luckily, so many of our local favorites are creating online activities for learning, entertainment, and just plain...
TikTok, ABQ Mom

TikTok:: Bringing Families Together One Post at a Time

I know, I know. Two months ago if you would've told me I would be on TikTok, I'd tell you, "No way." I'm in my thirties, I chase two toddlers around daily, and I...