Erin Garcia-Rimorin

Erin Garcia-Rimorin is a native New Mexican who was raised in Grants, New Mexico and moved to Albuquerque 11 years ago. She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a concentration in family studies and peace studies. She is currently back in school for clinical mental health. Erin is married and is so thankful for her two beautiful children. A few fun facts about Erin: she loves the outdoors because they make her feel grounded and she’s a big fan of anything sweet. She thinks it is important to reach out to others and is so happy to be a part of ABQ Mom.
5 Ways to Connect With Your Kids

5 Ways to Connect with Your Kids When Life Is Busy

There are times where I feel that I haven't connected with my kids as much as I would like. Lately, I've overused phrases like “not right now” or "I'm in the middle of doing something."...
3 Things I've Learned from My Teen Clients

3 Things I’ve Learned About Teens from My Teenaged Clients

I recently graduated with master's degree in Clinical Mental Health. During my practicum and internships, I had the privilege of working with teen clients. For several years prior, I was a volunteer mentor for...
5 things to do before Halloween

5 Fun Things To Do Before Halloween

There are so many ways to celebrate or participate in Halloween activities. From crafts to baking, there are loads of great ideas to choose from. Here are five fun activities that you and your family...
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What My Friend Did to Help Me with My Anxiety

My friend simply recognized my anxiety when it reared its head. Here's what happened. Before this pandemic hit, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join her to watch a show called "The...
I Compared My Child and I'm Glad I Did

I Compared My Child and I’m Glad I Did

My child was beautifully made. She was brought into this world and has given me a different perspective on life. She is light, she is love, she is magic, and she is everything to...
How I Recognized I Need Mental Health Therapy

How I Recognized I Needed Therapy

It’s been brewing for quite sometime, these “feeling overwhelmed” emotions, and it is getting worse. You see, I’m in the mental health profession. I’ve been training to be a therapist for a while. I’m very...
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6 Tips For Starting Your Garden This Year

My favorite time of year is spring. I love seeing the change in weather. The air smells a little different and the sun feels a little warmer. One thing I love to do is to...

Congrats! You Passed the Test of 2020!

2020 felt like a test. And since we're here reading this, we all passed! I keep thinking back to the start of 2020. I remember saying on New Year's Eve of 2019, "Should we go...
Cherishing Family Recipes and Traditions

Cherishing Family Recipes and Traditions

There is something about mom's and my grandma's cooking. When my Abuelita was well in her nineties, I did not get to experience her cooking. But I got to experience family recipes through my...
Caring for my children doesn't make me less motivated

Caring for my Children Doesn’t Make Me Less Motivated

I'm currently in school, working, taking care of my home, and caring for my children. I love being a mom, but mom life doesn't make me less motivated to achieve my goals. Maybe it...
Erin Rimorin, ABQ Mom

Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Erin Rimorin

Hi all, I'm Erin Rimorin. About Me I am a native New Mexican. Raised in Grants, New Mexico, I moved to Albuquerque eleven years ago. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Liberal...