Andrea, wife to Tim and mama to Tatum (September 2012) and Silas (June 2015), has lived in Albuquerque the majority of her life. She graduated from UNM with a degree in print journalism. Currently, Andrea works part-time as a marketing assistant, but spends the greater part of her days adventuring with her kiddos. She has found that connecting with and befriending other moms has been a very fulfilling and enjoyable aspect to having children. Andrea has a passion for nurturing her little family and finding gratitude in each day. She also enjoys fitness, reading, writing, binge-watching Netflix after the kids are in bed... Oh, and COFFEE. ALL THE COFFEE.
Andrea Scarberry, ABQ Mom

Re-Introducing Returning ABQ Mom Contributor Andrea

Yes, that's right - I'm a returning contributor. And I am oh-so-happy to be back! I'm Andrea Scarberry, married to my husband of 10 years, Tim. We met in high school and dated 10...
Halloween candy, Albuquerque

What to Do With Your Kids’ Halloween Candy Leftovers

Anyone else out there just SO over their kids' Halloween candy obsession? After a day or two of the constant, "Can I have a piece of candy?" requests, I'm ready to just throw it...
kite, craft, abq moms

Make a Paper Kite That Really Flies!

I recently took my kids to one of the Balloon Museum's Stories in the Sky. And the theme that day was wind. If you haven't done story time at the museum with your kids, it's...

Fun Family Camping on a Budget (Checklist Included!)

Last summer, my husband and I took our kids camping for the first time. We had been on a few camping trips of our own before kids came into the picture, but camping with...
brave mom in the grocery store albuquerque moms blog

To the Brave Mom I Encountered In the Grocery Store

To the brave mom I encountered in the grocery store: I'm still thinking about what happened, even though several weeks have passed. I wish that I had said or done something--ANYTHING--while I had the chance. You...

Top 15 Burque Kid Problems :: It Ain’t Always Easy Living in the 505

It's pretty easy to see what's great about living in Albuquerque. If you've resided in Albuquerque for even a few months, you've probably discovered its charm. Unfortunately, it's not exactly difficult to come up...
change on the horizon

Change on the Horizon :: A New Season in Motherhood

A couple of days into the new year, it hit me like a ton of bricks. 2018 is going to be a big year for our little family. My 5-year-old daughter will start kindergarten...
pampering, self-care | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Pampering at Home: Five Simple and Low-Cost Ways to Treat Yo’ Self

Self-care. Such a simple concept, but for me so, SO hard to commit time to. It became especially difficult once kids came into the picture. These days I consider myself well cared-for if I...
reduce reuse recycle conserve kids Albuquerque Moms Blog

Conserve, Reduce, Re-Use :: Lead by Example and Start ‘Em Young

When I was growing up, my parents were always very conscientious when it came to things like energy conservation, water usage, and recycling. Now that I'm an adult, conservation is deeply rooted in me....

Top 5 Albuquerque Fall Playdate Ideas

I'm just going to assume that if you've lived in Albuquerque for any length of time, you've chosen your favorite season here in the 505. And we all know what every Burqueno's favorite season...
birthday | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Birthday Parties for Kids :: Simple Can Still Be Special

My daughter's 5th birthday is fast approaching (September 2nd!). I kid you not when I tell you she has been talking about it since January. She has concocted in her mind a party of...
mom rut | Albuquerque Moms Blog

Help, I’m Stuck in a Mom Rut and I Can’t Get Out!

Have you ever been stuck in a "mom rut" that you just can't seem to shake? Our summer break started off on the wrong foot with nasty coughs, cancelled plans, two cranky kids, and one...
DECLUTTERING Albuquerque Moms Blog

Decluttering for a Happier Home and a Happier Me

STUFF. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Show me an Amazon flash deal or a cute Target display and I'm done for. Don't even get me started on the kids. To see their faces...
birth stories albuquerque moms blog

Everyday Miracles {Birth Stories} :: The Birth of Our Sweet Daughter

Today I'd like to share the birth story of my daughter, Tatum. It was so hard to choose whether to share hers or the birth of my son--they are both equally special to me....