Enter Our Penguin Chill Coloring Contest!

This post is sponsored by the ABQ Bio Park. We at ABQ Moms Blog choose to work with partners we feel would benefit our readers.

It may be hot outside, but there’s definitely a chill of Antarctic air if you’re anywhere near the zoo. We here at ABQ Moms Blog are so excited for the Penguin Chill exhibit at the ABQ BioPark to open on July 23rd!

To celebrate the newest residents of the BioPark, we’re hosting a coloring contest for your kiddos. Three winners will receive an adorable penguin stuffed animal. 


1. Download and print the coloring page below. 

2. Have lots of fun coloring and decorating the penguins. 

3. Snap a photo of (or scan) your child’s masterpiece. 

4. Upload the photo to Facebook and/or Instagram. 

5. Tag @abqmomsblog & @abqbiopark on social media. 

6. We’ll keep track of the tags and choose THREE RANDOM WINNERS on August 1st. 

We can’t wait to see your kids’ creativity in action. And don’t forget to visit the penguins after the exhibit opens on July 23rd. 

Download the PDF of the coloring page here. penguin chill coloring page, Albuquerque Moms Blog, ABQ BioPark


The ABQ BioPark’s much anticipated Penguin Chill features over thirty penguins. Visitors can see gentoo, macaroni, and king penguins in this immersive exhibit. When visitors first enter the doors, a rush of chilly air is a welcome relief from the New Mexico summer heat. Guests first view the the birds on land, which includes man-made snow and lights that simulate the Aurora Australis, or the southern lights. In this large viewing area, the penguins jump in and out of the water. 

Then visitors move on to an interactive educational area. This area features the inside of a ship where guests can learn more about penguins and how to help with conservation efforts.

At the bottom of the exhibit, guests can observe the graceful bird’ underwater behavior. Don’t miss this exhibit, the first of its kind in the Southwest. 

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  1. Did you guys ever announce the winners of this? 2 months later, my kids just remembered they entered it and are suddenly very interested in the outcome. ???

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