My Chatter Paint Experience

This post is brought to you by Chatter Paint. We at ABQ Mom choose to work with businesses we feel bring value to our readers. Check out the special offer and giveaway for ABQ Mom readers at the bottom of the post.

Chatter Paint, Albuquerque’s locally owned splatter paint studio, opened up in March, but then had to close down due to COVID. They recently reopened, and I knew I had to go check it out. They have strict safety and sanitation measures in place to ensure that people can safely visit during the pandemic.

When you go in, Chatter Paint provides a poncho, foot coverings, and goggles if you choose. They also supply canvases. This paint studio is unlike anything I’ve been to before because you go into a room where you can let loose and literally paint anything and everything you see!

It took my kids a little bit to figure out that it was okay for them to get messy! Ha! But once they did, all I could hear was laughing and giggling for an hour! It was such a fun outing to break up the monotony of staying at home. The biggest bonus is not having to clean up the mess afterwards–it’s taken care for you!


After the kids got to have their fun at the regular splatter paint session, I decided it was time to have mine! I invited a couple of girlfriends for their blacklight experience, which is geared towards adults. We decided to go no shoes, ponchos or goggles, and wear white shirts to add to the effect.


Blasting music, we just let loose for a night. We danced, sang, and painted to our hearts’ content. Once we were done we turned on the lights to really see the colors and that was a cool experience too.

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This is such a great place to let loose, be creative, and have fun! I tried it out as a family outing and then a girls’ night out, but this would be a great place to celebrate a birthday, date night, or any event you want to celebrate. You for sure have to go check them out!

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