Things To Do In ABQ :: A Mom’s Guide to August


a mom's guide to August, AlbuquerqueWell Mamas that was one summer for the books. And while we still have a couple weeks left, there is a lot to get ready for. If you are needing a break from all the commotion check out one of the many things going on the month of August. Read more below!

Below are some ABQ happenings for the month of August.

And for more at-home summer fun check out our Summer Bucket List.

:: Virtual Events ::

Ongoing Events

Bookworks Albuquerque

Bookworks is hosting virtual events multiple times a week. RSVP for these Zoom events via their Facebook events page.

Explora Science Museum

Explora is posting activities multiple times a week on their YouTube page.

Weekly Classes

Keshet Arts

Summer Dance Challenges are 6-week challenges (for all age groups) that come with activity bags available for curbside pick-up. Register here.

Harwood Art Center

Virtual Summer Art Camp Classes are June through July with different themes weekly. Each class has a daily lesson accompanied by a Zoom call on Fridays. For more info and to register click here.

The Little Gym 

From 10 mos – 12 yrs there is a perfect weekly virtual class being hosted by The Little Gym Albuquerque. Sign-ups are available online or by phone 505.897.0496.

B> Online Summer Camps

Be Greater than Average is an organization offering STEM classes for children. They currently have four different types of classes being offered for ages 6-17. Register online.

:: In-Person Events ::

I-9 Sports

From flag football to cheerleading to lacrosse, I9 offers a wide variety of activities at multiple locations starting at 3 years old. Learn more and register here.

:: Fun Holidays in August ::

August 2 :: Friendship Day

You guys. What would we do without our friends? They lift us up, make us laugh, and share in all the craziness of this life with us. Celebrate by checking out some great friendship quotes here. (Bonus points if you send them to your besties!)

August 4 :: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

So it’s pretty much already established what you will be eating all day. If you’re looking for a recipe to make your own — look no further than Ms. Joanna Gaines’ recipe. Check it out here.

August 6 :: Fresh Breath Day

Toothpaste, check! Flossing, check! Mouthwash, check! Your dentist is so proud of you, and there’s one thing I know fresh breath is good for. Giving someone a big smooch.

August 9 :: Book Lovers Day

Curling up with a nice book is honestly THE BEST. Need some ideas? Head over to our Pinterest board dedicated to the book lover in you (and your kiddo.)

August 10 :: Lazy Day

Let this be your excuse mama. BE LAZY, relax, don’t move off the couch, order food in, and Netflix it up.

August 12 :: Middle Child’s Day

Being a middle child isn’t always the easiest — celebrate by reading these secret advantages all middle children have to the one in your life.

August 17 :: National Thriftshop Day

Turn up your Macklemore and head out to do all your back to school shopping at the thriftshop. Don’t know where to start? Check out this post on thrifting for kids clothing.

August 26 :: National Dog Day

They have been there for you on your hardest days and on your happiest days. They are always willing to give you a lick and wag of the tail. Take today and celebrate your furry best friend.

August 31 :: National Eat Outside Day

On a blanket, on a patio, in your yard, all of these options are more than acceptable to grab a plate and enjoy the outdoors. Looking for a place to go? Check out our Guide to Patio Dining.


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