Guide to Moving to Albuquerque (With Kids)


We are excited to present our readers with ABQ Mom’s Guide to Moving to Albuquerque. This guide aims to be a one-stop-shop for our families out there who are moving to our favorite city in the world, Albuquerque.

We’ve compiled all the need-to-knows and nice-to-knows so that you and your family can feel right at home in the Southwest.

Thank you to our sponsor, Montessori ONE Academy.

Moving your family to a new city can be both an exciting adventure and an overwhelming task. From choosing the right home and the right school to exploring your way around town and creating new friendships, blooming where you’re planted takes more than New Mexico sunshine and Rio Grande waters.

For families considering private education in Albuquerque, Montessori ONE Academy is the city’s only Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) school. Montessori ONE Academy serves infants through sixth grade and provides a variety of program options to instill confidence and peace of mind while providing students with the best possible care and education. Parents can choose between part-time (infants, toddlers) and full-time (all ages) programs.

Recognized as one of the best preschools in Albuquerque, the culturally diverse students at Montessori ONE Academy are encouraged to explore, investigate, and fulfill their natural curiosity about the world around them, creating independent thinkers and adept problem solvers. Here, children are viewed as dynamic learners, full of creative potential and in need of independence to develop into joyful learners. Montessori students are often recognized for their maturity, confidence, independence, compassion, curiosity, problem-solving, and above-grade-level performance.

Parents appreciate our homework-free education model, on-site before and after care, on-site extracurricular activities, and summer programs that make managing a family’s busy schedule easier and more enjoyable. However, the greatest reward may be the peace of mind that comes from watching their children thrive in all aspects of being.

When choosing a private school in your new hometown, we invite you to join the Montessori ONE Academy community where we celebrate your child’s unlimited potential, cultivate their curiosity, instill independence, and give them the skills to soar above standards and expectations.

Family Healthcare

Guide to Pediatricians

Pediatrician Moving

Finding someone to care for your little(s) can be a daunting task. Check out our guide for finding the perfect person to care for you child’s health.

Guide to Pregnancy & Postpartum

womens health moving

Mama, make sure you find the person who can take care of you. You can’t care for those babies if you are not at your best. Look for all of your womanly and pregnancy needs in our Guide to Women’s Health. 

Guide to Dentists and Orthodontists

dentist moving

My Dad always said, “You only get one set of teeth.” But baby teeth need taking care of too. Finding someone to take care of those teefers is extremely important. Check out our Guide to Dentists and Orthodontists around town.

Guide to Fitness, Health, and Wellness

fitness moving

Finding a place to work out can sometimes sound daunting. We live in a world where there are gyms on every corner. We want to make it easy to find your new favorite place to get fit. This guide is filled with places we love to spend our downtime. 


Guide to Preschools and Childcare

preschools moving

Finding the perfect place to care for your kiddos when moving to a new town is a top priority. Albuquerque has a lot of preschool and childcare options. Check out this guide to find your child’s new favorite teacher. 

Guide to Private Schools

private schools moving

Some parents opt to send their children to private school. If that is something that you are looking for, we have a guide filled with top-notch private schools. These schools are scattered all across your new city. 

Guide to Charter Schools

charter school moving

Charter schools are another alternative option some parents choose. Here we have our Guide to Charter Schools. One of these schools could be a great place for your student to attend. 


Guide to Parks

park moving

Parks are a free, fun option to take the kids for hours of entertainment. We have broken down our favorite parks into five areas of town. Check out our park guide for these favorites, as well as a full list of all the parks around ABQ. 

Guide to Pools and Splashpads

pools splashpad moving

Whether it’s trying to stay cool in the hotter months or your child is working on their freestyle stroke, there’s a pool for you. We have the complete list of all pools and splashpads located right here in our great city.

Guide to Kids Eat Free

kids eat free moving

Moving can be super expensive. Until that kitchen gets unpacked, you may be looking for some quick, cheap options to feed the family. This is your guide to where you can stop for a bite to eat and the kiddos can eat for free (or close to it!) 

Guide to Birthday Parties

birthday party moving

Did your move happen to fall on or near one of your little one’s birthdays? No worries! We have a great resource for planning the next milestone in your kiddo’s life. 

Fun for Grown-Ups

Guide to Coffee Shops

coffee shop moving

If you are like me, coffee is a very important part of your daily routine. Luckily, Albuquerque has a lot of fun, local options to stop and sip or grab and go. Check them out here!

Guide to Date Night

date night moving

Getting away with your significant other is a crucial part of parenting. Whether you are looking for something fun or romantic, New Mexico has so many options for a night out without the kids. Click here to find you and your boo’s newest date night spot. 

New Mexico Love

Guide to New Mexico Travel

NM travel moving

One of the coolest things about living in New Mexico is all the great places that are just a short drive away. You might be looking to discover more of what this great state has to offer. Check out this guide and get ready for some southwest beauty.

Guide to Hiking and Trail Walks

hiking moving

If hiking is something that you like to do, Albuquerque is the spot to do it. If you are wanting to hike around solo or looking for a trail the whole family can hike, this is the perfect guide to check out!

Guide to Adventuring in NM - State Parks, Lakes, Hiking ,and More

Guide to Adventure

We live in a beautiful state. There are so many different parts of New Mexico that have so much to offer. The list below has a bunch of options that you can reach by just hopping in the car. Grab your adventuring crew and check out ABQ Mom’s Guide to Adventuring in New Mexico.

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