Grassburger: Our Favorite Allergy-Friendly Eats

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Meet Jessie Kileen, founder and co-CEO of local restaurant, Grassburger. Here’s her story. . .

Did you know that french fries are emotional?

You figure that out when you take your child out to eat, only to find out that they can’t eat the fries!! Or the bun!! Or their meal when their order comes out wrong!! Now everyone else around them gets to eat except your five year old–who has a food allergy or perhaps celiac disease.

Try to explain patience and understanding to a hungry kid who is so excited to be at a restaurant and who didn’t ask to have a food allergy or other issue that restricts their eating options!

This was our experience . . .

Over and over again! Heartbreaking, hard, and frustrating! So with two of our children having serious food allergies, we chose to eat at home most of the time. When we did go out, the kids (being kids) rooted for burgers and fries, burgers and fries! But whether it was fast food, fast casual, or gourmet, we inevitably ran into the issue of cross-contamination, mistakes, and often rude responses to our requests.

That’s when our burger nights were born at home!

I figured if I’m going to make burgers and fries, I’m going to make them how I WANT them to be: grass-fed, local beef, homemade vegan bean burgers, higher quality buns and fry oils, sauces, and dips that are corn syrup free. I mean, why not? Why do burgers and fries have to be at the bottom of the barrel for food quality?

And that’s how the idea for Grassburger was born! How our burger nights eventually ended up being a restaurant is a blur. It involved luck, serendipity, and maybe some insanity.

The food is simple but we give our full attention to where it is sourced and what the ingredient deck is, staying away from additives and corn syrup. We support regenerative agriculture by serving beef that has been regionally raised and 100% grass fed on rotational pastures.

We have a mission, making the American experience of eating a burger and fries ethical, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious! And we must be succeeding–we’ve won best burger and fries in Albuquerque for several years now. But most importantly, we have given the experience of a burger and fries to kids and adults that couldn’t safely eat elsewhere.

And that is something to be proud of.

If you or your kiddos have allergies or if you want to try a healthier, sustainably sourced burger, check out Grassburger! They also have great vegan options, bowls, ice cream shakes, non-dairy shakes, and the best fries!

Grassburger has grown to four locations in Albuquerque and Durango. In Albuquerque, you can visit their location in the Northeast Heights or on the West Side. If you are visiting Durango and craving a Grassburger, check out their Downtown location or their Durango south location. All locations are open 11am-8pm Sunday-Wednesday, and 11am-9pm Thursday-Saturday and closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday.