Guide to Drive-In Movies in the Albuquerque Area


drive-in movies, Albuquerque

There’s nothing like a good throw-back like a drive-in movie. There was not much that was great about 2020, but the come-back of the drive-in movie theatre is one of them. Take a look at what’s showing this summer.

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Balloon Fiesta Drive-In Movies

Located at Balloon Fiesta Park (9201 Balloon Museum Dr NE). Prices are per car and start at $25. 7 guests per car.


6/9 Spirit Untamed

6/9 A Quiet Place 2

6/10 Spirit Untamed

6/10 A Quiet Place 2

6/11 Spirit Untamed

6/11 Urban Cowboy

6/11 A Quiet Place 2

6/12 Spirit Untamed

6/13 Spirit Untamed

6/13 A Quiet Place 2

6/17 Jurassic Park Day

6/25 Fast and Furious 9

6/26 Fast and Furious 9

6/27 Fast and Furious 9

7/2 Top Gun Maverick

7/3 Independence Day

7/3 Top Gun Maverick

7/4 Top Gun Maverick (Fireworks Show)

Balloon Fiesta Drive-In Concerts

Located at Balloon Fiesta Park (9201 Balloon Museum Dr NE). Prices are per car and start at $25. 7 guests per car.


6/12 Florida Georgia Line

9/26 Kane Brown

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  1. So happy to see these all but I’m hoping you’ll update once you’ve experienced or heard reviews. I’d like to know things like is the sound on a speaker or can you tune in, will there be concessions, will bathrooms be available and how bad is traffic held up getting out. Thanks for the list!


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