Join Our Community & Conversation Group


We're currently accepting applications for leaders of this group. This is a volunteer position, but there are often fun perks that come with the job and lots of new friends on the ABQ Mom team!

We are incredibly passionate about helping Albuquerque moms connect with one another in the community. It’s no secret that this motherhood journey is unique, and having people to turn to, talk to, and share experiences with can make all the difference in the world. If you’re new to the area, new to being a mom, or just want a way to connect with others close to where you live, join our Community & Conversation Group!

What is the Community & Conversation Group?

It’s an online (private) Facebook groups that will allow moms to connect, ask questions (mommy or non-mommy related), discuss local happenings, and attend events like playdates and meet-ups.

How do I join the group?

The group has a private Facebook page that you can add yourself to, and an admin will approve you.  

When and Where Will Events Be Held?

Events will be announced within the group. As the leaders for the group plan events, they’ll announce the locations, days, and times. So, add yourself to a group, and don’t forget to invite/add your friends as well!  Our goal is for this group to organically grow over the course of the next few months; we will always be adding new members and anticipate some great involvement in our community!