5 Albuquerque Food Trucks – Part 3


Let’s Eat at More Food Trucks!

This year I have tried food from so many food trucks, and I am here to tell you, Albuquerque has an AMAZING food truck scene. Rarely do I get food I won’t eat again, and oftentimes my family asks to return after we try out a new one. I’ve already reviewed some delicious food trucks in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Here are five more I think are worth a try!

HotBox 505

A relative newcomer to the food truck scene is HotBox505. We visited them at a car show and ordered the pulled pork sandwich and the Frito pie. The owner was incredibly kind to suggest what to order.

My pulled pork sandwich was really delicious and the side of macaroni salad (of which I’m not normally not a fan) was incredible. Their Frito pie, which in my family we always called “pepper bellies,” was not spicy like I’ve had at other places. It was savory and classic. If you’re used to the New Mexico level of red chile spice, this isn’t it– but I actually loved it that way.

HotBox505 also serves tacos, avocado toast, and more!

Find them on Instagram for their schedule and events: @hotbox505

5 Albuquerque Food Trucks - Part 3

Stan’s Coffee and Scones

Stan’s has been around for a while, and I’ve seen their vintage Airstream in Uptown many times but never stopped. I am not sure why I waited so long! On a hot day at a car show, I ordered an Iced Oat Milk Latte and it was just what I needed to start my day. The espresso had a mild finish and the oat milk gives it a comforting, smooth flavor.

Stan’s food truck also serves all varieties of espresso drinks, scones, paninis, Italian sodas, and more!

Find them on Instagram for their schedule and events: @stans_coffee_and_scones

5 Albuquerque Food Trucks - Part 3
Photo Credit: Stan’s Coffee and Scones Instagram

Rio Tacos

Rio Tacos kept popping up on my Instagram feed, so I made sure to add them to my list to try. Let me tell you, I hardly ever order vegan dishes. I’m a true omnivore and don’t shy away from trying foods. But I think there’s a preconceived notion that vegan food is bland. Mark my words. Rios Tacos has the most delicious vegan potato taco EVER!

We tried one taco of each type: potato, carnitas, chicken, and carne asada. All of them were so flavorful and delicious. The handmade tortillas were soft and chewy, and the fillings were tender and spiced perfectly. I can’t wait to go back to try other dishes they offer like chilaquiles, enchiladas, and burritos.

Find them on Instagram for schedule and events: @riotacos_co

5 Albuquerque Food Trucks - Part 3
Photo Credit: April Miller

Urban Hot Dog Company

As many of you know, Urban Hot Dog Company has a brick-and-mortar restaurant. But I didn’t know they also had a food truck! I don’t venture out of my quadrant much, so I haven’t been to their restaurant in almost five years. My husband and I were looking for food trucks to try. And we found Urban Hot Dog at Marble Brewery NE Heights.

Their menu is full of unique combinations like the Havana Dog and the Bahn Mi Dog. The toppings are fresh and full of flavor. We also had the rosemary garlic fries which were fried to perfection and the perfect complement to the hot dogs.

Find them on Instagram for their schedule and events: @urbanhotdogcompany

Photo Credit: April Miller

Creme De La Creme

Seriously?! A creme brûlée truck?! Okay, not an actual food truck, but it meets my loose definition of a food truck.

I pre-ordered a four-pack of desserts and picked them up from the most friendly and warm family operating the “truck.” They explained all their flavors and varieties and had my order pre-packed and ready to go. I really appreciated the option to pre-order to ensure I got the flavors I wanted.

I ordered three brûlée’s: the classic vanilla, the orange thyme, and a flavor called “schiaccianoci” which is a combination of pistachio, hazelnut, and almond. All of them were so tasty I had to stop myself from hoarding them for myself. So I shared them with my son and husband. I also ordered a slice of their Torta Tiramisu for a friend’s birthday. She reported back that it was decadent and luscious.

Find them on Instagram for their schedule and events: @cremedelacremeabq

Photo Credit: Creme de la Creme Instagram

Let us know what other food trucks you think we should try!

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