What Happens in Toddlerhood Stays in Toddlerhood


Do you find yourself trying to remember that funny thing your kid said just the other day? Are you constantly trying to relate that cute conversation you had with your little one, only to find that you can’t remember why it was so adorable? If you’re anything like me, then you sometimes find it hard to remember when you last showered or if you brushed your teeth this morning. Parents are so overwhelmed and busy these days. That’s why what happens in Toddlerhood stays in Toddlerhood. Everyone is too exhausted to remember the little things (sometimes even the big things).


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That’s why my husband and I opened up a Google Doc together. It’s kind of like a bank account or a trust fund, only BETTER! This way, we can combine our experiences with our children into a document that the entire world of Facebook and Instagram don’t have to be privy to. Yet we can still giggle and laugh at those funny things they say.

For instance, when my four-year-old son was having a Facetime conversation with his three-year-old cousin, she wiped a booger on the couch. Her daddy asked her not to wipe her boogers on the couch. My son, as wise as he is, chimed in, “Yeah, don’t wipe it on the couch. Just EAT IT!”

Isn’t that something we all want to remember?

Or how about that one time when my twins were in the throws of potty-training. My daughter was having a hard time pulling her pants up. My son went to her and pulled them right up with the words, “No one wants to see your buh-jy-na.” Ummm, yep. That happened.

what happens in toddlerhood

Now that my kids seem so big to me, it’s nice to look back and see their thinking from years ago.

A few years ago, my oldest son told me, “Cold is my favorite hot.” He also informed me that “Sometimes, people in the back of the planet snore.” My daughter once stole some of her father’s sunflower seeds and put them into the dirt. Then she came sadly back to him asking, “Daddy, can I have some more of your seeds? Because these seeds are not working.”

If you don’t write it down or take a picture of it, it gets lost in the deep depths of memory known as FORGETFULNESS. Who knows if it will ever find its way past the busy-ness to the top again? You know…what happens in toddlerhood stays in toddlerhood!

So, do yourself a favor. Start a list! Write it down! Then take some time to come back to it every now and then. You will find it well worth your time!


  1. Love love the Google Doc Idea. My hubby and I are working on ways to get our communication back. We have a toddler, in the midst of potty training and I’m prego. It’s been weird not remembering the days like I use to… ?

    Thank you!

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