Baby Hacks :: 5 Activities for Keeping Baby Busy and Momma Happy


I am always looking for ways to entertain my baby a.k.a. baby hacks.

Baby hacks need to be quick, simple, and easily repeated. Here are some of my favorite baby hacks that keep my one-year-old entertained every day.

keeping baby happy, ABQ Moms1. Box of Tissues

I discovered this trick when I was really sick. There were tissue boxes all over the house for runny noses, and I found myself constantly trying to keep my daughter away from them. One morning I finally gave in and let her pull out all the tissues. This bought me 10 extra minutes in bed. And it was totally worth it.

Baby Hacks::Keeping Baby Busy and Momma Happy from Albuquerque Moms Blog

2. Toilet Paper Roll

After we ran out of tissues, I gave her toilet paper rolls. Another baby hack win! We buy bulk toilet paper from, you guessed it, Costco. There’s no shortage of giant, fluffy, Kirkland rolls in this house.  She likes to tear up the toilet paper into little tiny pieces, which does create a mess, but again, totally worth a few minutes of quiet time to finish dinner, write, or just close my eyes one eye for a second. Pro tip: if you’re having an especially hard day, the little tiny pieces of toilet paper strewn all over the house serves as a warning sign to your husband that he should take baby for a walk ASAP!

Baby Hacks::Keeping Baby Busy and Momma Happy from Albuquerque Moms Blog3. Baby Make-Up Bag

My make-up bag is a baby magnet. I can already tell my daughter and I share the same love for brow pencils, bronzer, and blush. Instead of her slobbering all over my brushes, I decided to create some baby make-up bags. I filled old makeup bags with baby proof containers and old mascara bottles that I cleaned and glued shut. She feels like she’s getting the good stuff while happily chewing on that Benefit mascara bottle! So on the days I do wear makeup, we can primp together in peace. (Because I tried to apply eyeliner once while nursing and . . . nope.)

4. Tub Time

I am SO thankful my baby likes the tub. When she began sitting up on her own, tub time became even more fun! There have been many days when I fill up the bath with warm water and all the bath toys I can find. While she splashes to her heart’s content, I sit on the floor and catch up on e-mailing, meal planning pinning desserts, or even cleaning the bathroom, all while keeping a watchful eye on my water loving little.

5. Pantry Play

My one-year-old has recently started pulling on my pant leg while I’m trying to make dinner. Somehow she thinks I should be able to hold her and sauté onions at the same time. Sorry, baby! I noticed she started trying to get into the pantry when I would open the door. I decided to clear out the bottom shelves where she can reach and make them baby friendly! Now when I’m in the kitchen, I’ll open the pantry door and she goes exploring. The baby friendly shelves are filled with paper bags, water bottles, boxes, a big bag of potatoes, and other baby safe household items. Sometimes I’ll line up a row of water bottles and let her knock them over.

These simple baby hacks have been a daily life (and sanity) saver for me. Yes, there may be tiny pieces of paper all over the house, water splashed out of the tub, or random kitchen utensils in the living room, but it’s definitely worth those extra few minutes of peace and quiet!

Help a momma out! Share some of your go-to tricks for keeping little ones entertained.

Originally published in March 2017.


  1. Bathtub and playing with all.the.tupperware was also a lifesaver in the baby days! Heck – it still is with the toddlers 🙂

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